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7 facts about e-commerce business in India

The growth of the e-commerce platform in India has reached a greater extent. Understanding the dynamics of e-commerce business in India is important. 

D2C e-commerce refers to a particular kind of online business strategy in which producers and/or manufacturers sell goods directly to customers through their online store. 

It is different from a conventional retailer business model(B2C), as in the conventional model the customer comes last, firstly it has to follow a chain that goes from the manufacturer to wholesaler to distributor to retailers, and finally to customers.

E-commerce businesses designed specifically for direct-to-consumer (D2C) purposes “cut out” the middlemen.

E-commerce fulfillment is something that many companies are trying to do, with differing degrees of success. Prominent figures in this field have successfully integrated direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales as a fundamental aspect of their operations.

Any D2C e-commerce company in India should start with physical and online storefronts, but to grow, it’s important to understand the profitability of each channel, each product, and each marketing initiative.

Making important judgments, such as which product should be marketed on which channel and which product is making more money from a given advertising approach, channel, and campaign, requires using a decision support system. Which product categories yield the highest profits and are most popular in which regions? Which products are slowing down and where are you losing inventory? To make well-informed decisions, a decision support system is required, and you can get in touch with Yatiken, we offer the best d2c e-commerce services in Delhi.

Let us delve into this blog and find out all about the e-commerce business in India.

Personalization: Secret to e-commerce business in India

91% of consumers say they are more inclined to purchase a brand that remembers their preferences and provides recommendations and promotions that are relevant to them.

Brands can provide high customization when they can understand the purchasing behaviors of their clients. For instance, you could build a “customer group” and send a customized email with the subject line “50% discount on sports shoes, especially for you” to a certain number of customers who are interested in purchasing sports shoes..

Omnichannel strategy 

You are losing out on 50% of your customers if you haven’t gone omnichannel yet. A business approach that attempts to offer a smooth shopping experience across all channels, including in-store, mobile, and online, is referred to as omnichannel in e-commerce and retail. 

These customers often shop across four or more touchpoints and use at least six touchpoints to complete their purchase. 

To secure development for your D2C brand in 2024 and beyond, you should hire a D2C e-commerce company in Delhi.

Prompt Delivery

After setting up your e-commerce business in India, you’ll need a delivery management system that works with a large variety of pin codes and is available to all of your clients. Order fulfillment becomes a difficult operation to streamline in a direct-to-consumer (D2C) company model. The company must figure out how to create a seamless supply chain after eliminating the shops and middlemen that had previously handled the delivery. Nowadays, 60% of consumers want same-day deliveries, making it even more crucial to automate and optimize the delivery procedures.    

International markets

The days of firms being restricted to a specific region are long gone. Nowadays, brands hope that their goods and services will be available in other countries. Has your company developed a plan for international expansion yet? 

To ensure a seamless D2C global expansion, you need two things: first, a thorough grasp of the global market into which you intend to expand, and second, a comprehensive package of global solutions.

Reaching out to clients via mobile 

Using mobile devices to target customers is not a novel approach to business expansion. But occasionally, business brands fail to see its significance and lose out on a significant portion of their target market. Is the m-commerce potential of your direct-to-consumer brand aligned with its growth? The time to take action is now if it isn’t. 

Content is the king

Do you want to see a rise in consumer brand engagement? Brands must streamline their content in ways that draw customers in light of the constantly shifting purchasing patterns of their target audience. 

It becomes important to attract your customers and deliver what they want.

Make payment methods simple

Easy payment procedures encourage clients to make more purchases without hesitation. On your D2C website, it’s crucial to provide multiple payment methods to keep customers engaged with your company. Getting users to feel at ease when making purchases on your platform ought to be your main goal. And an e-commerce platform that facilitates numerous interconnections is necessary to accomplish that. 


Businesses may leverage e-commerce growth in 2024 and beyond by adopting the D2C path. However, creating and maintaining a successful e-commerce business in India can be difficult. The future lies in D2C e-commerce services, e-commerce fulfillment, and your investing in a D2C e-commerce company. 

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