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With little success in unbranded organic search, our client’s early digital approach was mainly on paid search. Their website required numerous technological optimizations, and they lacked blog for their website. To boost website engagement, improve organic search results, and make better use of analytics reports, they needed to establish a solid foundation for their website. 

This would need coordination with our internal teams, the client’s team, development resources, and the content team to establish a comprehensive plan that aligns with company objectives.




The first approach was to solve the SEO problem. Through a comprehensive website audit, the team found and fixed any problems impeding the functionality of the website. This includes using schema markup to improve search engine visibility and understanding, streamlining navigation, increasing mobile responsiveness, and speeding up websites.

After finishing the technical investigation, the following stage was to design a thorough content strategy focused on starting and keeping up a quality blog. The blog would function as a medium for interaction with both present and potential clients, exhibit industry proficiency, and offer insightful information on lighting advances, trends, and solutions. The client might improve its organic search presence and progressively move up the search engine rankings for pertinent terms by consistently producing educational and pertinent material by targeting the trending keywords.

 Our SEO team gave the creation of content top priority as a result. We updated the website with fresh, data-driven blog entries and created solution pages tailored to particular use cases. We also worked along with the developer to make the website’s technical adjustments.

The client had to take a more data-driven strategy that was tailored to corporate KPIs in order to optimize the return on investment of sponsored advertising. This would be achieved by identifying crucial conversion points, optimizing ad spend in accordance with those insights, and gaining significant insights into customer behavior through the use of advanced analytics and tracking tools.

Social Media Team

Upon commencing work on the client’s account, the social media team discovered that phone calls accounted for 80% of revenue, despite the account’s intended focus on promoting e-commerce transactions. The team changed the focus from e-commerce transactions to driving quality phone calls by streamlining the account structure, launching new campaigns, and revamping the budget and bidding strategy.


The Analytics team verified tracking. Our Data & Insights team increased the quantity of data points the team used to manage ongoing campaigns efficiently and found new KPIs for optimizations. After determining that the average order value for phone calls was significantly higher than for online transactions, we turned our attention to generating phone calls. 

Combining Different Approaches


The integration of our digital methods to get enhanced results was one of the primary factors contributing to our success. This teamwork was made possible by frequent meetings and open communication, which made sure that every team’s strategy was in sync.

The End Result

The client’s digital performance improved significantly almost instantly as a result of our integrated strategy. Monthly organic user growth was approximately 73%. A sizeable amount of total revenue came from the average monthly order value from phone calls, which kept rising. The client’s monthly revenues broke all previous records when they shifted their attention to increasing phone calls.

Concurrently, the optimization of paid advertisements enhanced their return on investment, delivering a consistent flow of quality leads and clients at the most economical expense.

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26 March 2024




India, USA, Canada