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Digital Marketing Trends – 2024

The ever-evolving tech landscape of digital marketing is dynamic and changing. In recent times audience ideas have been elaborated. We have also experienced an incredible growth in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2023. And in 2024 it is important to know digital marketing trends to stay in and ahead. 

Yatiken, a Digital Marketing Company in India will be giving you insights on Digital Marketing trends 2024 in this blog.

Social media game in digital marketing trend

Nowadays, social media is actively used by people of all ages. To engage several users, any digital marketing agency in Delhi will need to keep up their game for users’ attention by updating new posts and being active on their social media.

Expert Advice for the Growth of a Digital Marketing Company in India:

To be ahead in the digital marketing trend, one needs to take a peek at how other companies are utilizing social media platforms. Now is the moment to try out the platform.

Brands have been developing amazing social media initiatives that aim to teach, educate, and amuse audiences to counter this. The secret is to use play and creativity to increase engagement.

Artificial Intelligence- Emerging tool in digital marketing trend

Artificial Intelligence(AI) in digital marketing should be used to change the business model, accelerate production, and optimize operations. Previous models can be now easily transformed. There are plenty of topics on which one can get different perspectives through AI.

However, it’s important to remember that AI should be a resource for assistance and that the human touch should always be there because doing so enables you to reach a wider audience and grow naturally. When looking for the best digital marketing services in India, one must first know all about the digital marketing trends.


Search engine AI algorithms are becoming more and more sophisticated, and they can now tell whether an article or landing page was created by a real person with genuine intent to assist the reader, or if traditional SEO simply paraphrased existing text and added additional keywords. SEO is a very important part of any digital marketing company in India.

Having traffic and rankings on your website is excellent, it is meaningless if those visitors don’t become customers. Yatiken offers the best SEO services in Delhi, and the best digital marketing services Delhi.

Digital Marketing Strategy

It is important to make a strategic plan for the goals your company wants to achieve in the future. One can keep in mind that in the previous year what worked and what did not work for them.

Emerging Digital Marketing Trends in 2024

The era of influencer advertising

It used to be fairly simple to market to influencers. You locate a popular profile, pay the followers to advertise your goods, and then watch the magic happen. It’s no longer that easy. Social media marketing services in Delhi and all over the world have increased.

Personalised Marketing

Personalized marketing, or one-to-one marketing, is the process of using data to target specific prospects with brand messages. This approach is different compared to traditional marketing, which primarily focuses on spreading a large net to attract a select few clients.

Short videos, high-impact

Over the past year, short videos used for promotion have unquestionably been the most popular type of social media content. In the last few years, we’ve witnessed the emergence of YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels (which were later imitated by Facebook), and even Twitter’s attempt at Fleets (which was eventually withdrawn in 2021). One of the major reasons for their success is our attention span is growing shorter. People prefer watching short videos which can give them more knowledge.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, 2024 promises to be a fascinating and demanding year for marketers in terms of digital marketing trends. Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing industries and departments as well as customer behavior and purchase patterns. 

Collecting all the data and speaking with our experts has taught us one thing: for marketers to be successful in their roles, they must embrace AI. AI will affect your role in the future, even if it doesn’t affect it now. Thus, begin studying the technology and utilizing a few of the platforms. If not, you run the risk of falling behind!

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