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When to consider Website Redesign?

A website serves as your company’s online face and frequently forms the first impression on potential clients. However, what happens if your website isn’t evolving along with your business, or worse if it remains outdated? 

A website redesign can help you in that. If you want your business to become more appealing and reachable to your targeted audience, we can easily do it by redesigning your website, revitalizing your brand, and enhancing the user experience.

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What Is Website Redesign?

Website redesign is more than just changing the fonts, colors, and images. It is more of changing your website’s design, content, and user experience in general. If you are looking for website redesign services and are confused about where to start. Yatiken will help you out with it as we are the top marketing agency in USA.

Depending on your company’s demands and objectives, the extent of the redesign can differ significantly. A straightforward rebranding would involve updating the aesthetic while preserving the fundamental framework. Alternatively, it might involve a complete theme/template makeover, in which the visual elements of the website are redesigned to conform to a new brand identity or web design trends.

But occasionally, a website redesign might necessitate a total rebuild. This can entail changing your content to better suit your audience, updating your branding to better reflect shifts in your business’s operations or competitive positioning, and making usability and accessibility improvements to the website’s template or theme. A complete redesign could also involve updating the technology that drives your website to increase security, scalability, and performance.

Let us answer some of the most common questions associated with website redesign:

When should one redesign their website?

What Is the Price of a Website Redesign?

A site redesign’s price might vary based on several variables. A few factors are your website’s size, the project’s complexity, and the platform or Content Management System (CMS) you choose.

For a CMS like WordPress, a basic redesign with a pre-made theme and minimal customization can run you anything from INR 83,052 to INR 415,263. Nevertheless, the price for a customized theme with intricate features can reach INR 830,527 or above. If you DIY website redesign, you could save a lot of money, but engaging an agency to handle the work for you will increase costs.

Specialized features like personalized forms, software integrations, or sophisticated e-commerce functionalities can drive up costs considerably.

What is the duration of a website redesign?

Redesigning a website can be completed in a single weekend. Larger websites, though, might take months to complete, particularly e-commerce sites with a ton of pages and products.

Will my SEO be impacted by a website redesign?

Yes, your SEO may suffer from a website makeover, particularly if the structure or URLs of the site are altered. But, with careful planning, such as putting in place 301 redirects for updated URLs and making sure your new design is SEO friendly.

Bottom Line

We covered the main pointers and the very common questions associated with website redesign. When you are looking for a new approach and a makeover to your website, you should consider redesigning your website. Not to worry if you are confused about it. Yatiken, one of the best website development and mobile app development company in USA will make your work easy with our bespoke services. Get started now by reaching out to us.

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