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Yatiken provides ideas and technologies that can shape the future of industries. Every day, our practical experts tackle the most difficult problems in a variety of industries. We are aware of the state of various sectors since we contribute to both strategy and execution. With the support of Yatiken’s robust domain and technological capabilities, targeted sub-industry offerings, and true end-to-end transformation, customers can modernize their core businesses, rethink their go-to-market strategies, adopt cloud computing, utilize data and insights, and improve customer engagement. Additionally, Yatiken assists clients with their journeys through strategy development, intelligence services, and risk management.

Yatiken Industry Solutions:

Industries We Cater

Financial Services

We provide top-notch customer experiences to foster development and loyalty. With Yatiken’s data-driven apps and cloud services, you can optimize Financial operations and react quickly to your customers' needs.


Yatiken provides businesses with industry-specific solutions. In telecom we assist businesses in managing expenses in day-to-day operations, creating new products more quickly, and gaining insights from performance data to create solutions that promote agility and responsiveness.


Yatiken helps you in creating next-generation digital solutions that assist you in redefining the media and communications landscape globally. We assist media and communications firms that are having difficulty redefining the customer experience, leveraging digital convergence, and introducing new business models.

Information Technology

It's time to realize your full digital potential and partner with Yatiken for ranging data solutions to an innovative agile workflow. We believe in providing services that your clients are keen to utilize.


Utilize data to enhance legal services with Yatiken. With legal accounts software, one can easily carry out the management of a company's assets and finances. We are your reliable partner to ease your legal operations.


The manufacturing sector, like all others, is in search of innovative and cutting-edge technological solutions that will enable it to increase capacity without compromising profitability. We are here to help you determine the best course of action for your company that will enable you to expand your business.

Trade Logistics

Handling data from parties in complex supply chains leads to complex challenges. Yatiken provides a seamless experience for users by developing intelligent procedures based on data and cutting-edge technology.


We are aware of the most important hurdles you may face in online education. We can help in remoulding your approach which should be based on the customer's journey. Reimagine the services with cutting-edge technological platforms.


Increase patient acquisition and retention to spur revenue growth with Yatiken’s innovative technologies and cut expenses by process transformation.